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Tatum Bisley

Tatum Bisley

Director of Innovation, Olive Media

Tatum Bisley has been in the L&D space for 15 years, spending time with technology vendors, content providers, and internal L&D departments within organisations.

Tatum was fortunate enough to be working inside a forward thinking Tel-co retailer and brought about the UK’s first national social learning initiative... forming a template that has been since replicated in many more organisations.

Tatum went on to help evolve a social and video-based mobile learning product for a company call Fuse Universal, set up digital capabilities within a few larger companies and more recently, he works with Hiup (a new job and training matching app in the B to C market) as the COO and also with Olive Digital (rebranded from Olive Learning) as their director of Innovation with a particular focus on the next big trends in digital corporate learning - Virtual Reality.