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    Welcome to the

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  • Monika BuchananGlobal EHS Operations DirectorThe AES Corporation

    Monika Buchanan
    Global EHS Operations Director
    The AES Corporation

    “It was a valuable and enjoyable experience to present at the Verdantix HSE summit in Houston
    and network with my peer group. I definitely expanded my understanding of EHS technologies.”
  • Lee ColeVP EH&SOldcastle Materials

    Lee Cole
    VP EH&S
    Oldcastle Materials

    “The Verdantix HSE summit provided a useful platform for me to share our experience
    at Oldcastle Materials with our AWARE system which protects workers from
    work zone vehicle intrusion.”
  • Matt HaddonManaging PartnerERM

    Matt Haddon
    Managing Partner

    “Panel debates and roundtable discussions at the Verdantix summit validated what leading companies are
    telling ERM about how new technologies can significantly enhance operational performance as they reframe
    EHS as a value creator rather than just a necessary cost.”
  • Nigel PackhamAssociate Director, Safety and Mission AssuranceNASA

    Nigel Packham
    Associate Director, Safety and Mission Assurance

    Human spaceflight is inherently risky, and certainly not “safe”.
    The better standard that is used by NASA and other high risk organizations is to ask the question,
    “Is it Safe Enough”.
  • Wendy HarrisDirector of Performance ExcellenceBaker Hughes

    Wendy Harris
    Director of Performance Excellence
    Baker Hughes

    “Attending the Verdantix HSE summit gave me the opportunity to share best practices for technology
    use at Baker Hughes as well as learning about new developments.”
  • Analyst Teach InThe 15 Minute Business Case for EHS Software

    Analyst Teach In
    The 15 Minute Business Case for EHS Software

    Trevor Bronson, Senior Analyst
  • Robert SheningerVice President – HSE & Regulatory ComplianceTalos Energy

    Robert Sheninger
    Vice President – HSE & Regulatory Compliance
    Talos Energy

    “The Verdantix summit proved to be a unique gathering of HSE leaders sharing best practices on
    how to leverage a wide range of technologies to improve performance.”
  • EHS Innovation Awards

    EHS Innovation Awards

    The prestigious Verdantix EHS Innovation Awards recognizes the
    people and organizations who are instrumental in launching successful,
    innovative technologies which facilitate management of the EHS
    function to deliver superior results.


Verdantix EHS Summit Americas 2019 | Atlanta | 24 - 25 September

Achieving EHS Excellence With
Innovative Technologies

The eighth annual Verdantix Summit convenes EHS professionals from diverse industries to share insights on how to improve EHS outcomes with innovative technologies such as software, mobile apps, drones, in-vehicle monitoring, virtual reality training, smart PPE and data analytics.


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    • 5:00

      Welcome Reception

  • Keep me updated: To receive event updates and to take advantage of the industry-related Verdantix reports, sign up with us today.

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    • 7:45

      Registration & Refreshments

    • 8:30

      Welcome & Overview

      Speaker: David Metcalfe, CEO at Verdantix
    • 8:45

      Keynote: Getting On The Front Foot With EHS Innovation

      Jon Lessard, Senior Vice President - Health, Safety, Security & Environment at Stantec

      The EHS function has changed significantly over the last 30 years. Technology innovation has been a significant factor in enabling and causing those changes. The rise of web-based software shifted decisions from sites to corporate leaders with global oversight. With a new wave of technologies now impacting every aspect of business operations, EHS leaders need to shape a new vision which moves their function from a hierarchy towards a network, from siloed activities towards collaborative workflows. How far have you moved on this journey?

    • 9:15

      Panel: Changing Mindsets: Moving EHS From Digital Follower To Digital Leader

      David Metcalfe, CEO at Verdantix
      Taylor Allis, Vice President of Product at Enablon
      Pam Bobbitt, Director of Channels & Product Marketing at Cority
      Jasmine Omar, Director of EHS Digitalization and Governance at PepsiCo

    • 9:45

      Panel: Environmental Compliance: Exploiting Cost Effective Technologies

      Mark Weitner, Senior Advisor at Verdantix
      Steve Bolton, Research Director at Verdantix
      Erick Click, Director of Environmental Health and Safety at Lippert Components
      Don Harris, Director - Environment, Health and Safety at AT&T

      Keeping sites in compliance with environmental regulations requires constant attention to both regulatory updates and to changes to operational activities at sites. For firms operating across multiple US states and municipalities this is a major challenge. Firms with an international footprint have an even more complex challenge. This panel will discuss the potential for cost effective technologies such as sensors, mobile apps, drones and environmental data management software to help deliver more robust compliance with lower resource and financial commitments.

    • 10:15

      Networking Break

      Sponsored by: Golder

    • 10:45

      Best Practices Workshop

      Gensuite - Managing Compliance and Risk Through Change

      Holly Chase Davis, Product Regulatory Compliance Leader at General Electric
      Donavan Hornsby, Vice President & Corporate Strategy Executive at Gensuite

      The risk of non-compliance to increasingly complex legislative requirements resulting in reputational harm, supply chain disruption, stopped shipments, and customer loss all drive the need for improved cross-functional collaboration and management systems to effectively respond to change – global regulatory and customer & market dynamics.
      Add to this a significant shift in organizational structure and operating model and the risks grow exponentially in volume and complexity.

      Join us to gain insights into lessons learned and strategies for anticipating and responding to change and promoting innovation across organization & functional collaboration, supply chain engagement, and applied technology to prepare for and mitigate these risks.

      Best Practices Workshop

      Cority - How to Champion Your EHS Program

      Pam Bobbitt, Director of Channels & Product Marketing at Cority
      Michael Perkins, Environmental Representative at Eastman Chemical Company

      This interactive and highly informative session will feature practical insights on how to champion investments in EHS programs that span organizational silos and drive business results.


      Identifying your core business drivers: Understand what gets the attention (and budget) from your decision-makers to support for your objectives.


      Critical elements for building the business case: Learn how to leverage successes from other areas to win buy-in and budget.


      Understanding uour role as Champion: Secure buy-in from top management, provide proactive leadership, increase your organizational visibility beyond your department.


      Driving results: Define success and keep up the momentum across all levels and operational areas.

    • 11:30

      Innovation Trailblazer

      Verisk 3E - Achieving Proactive Compliance in a Dynamic Regulatory Environment

      Leo Oves, Chief Information Officer at Verisk 3E
      Constantly changing regulations. Numerous regulatory authorities. Multiple jurisdictions. Countless news sources. How do you keep up? And when a regulation changes, how quickly can you determine the impact on your products, suppliers and markets? In this session, we will share a framework for proactively complying with new and emerging regulations and trends that affect your business, while also providing a short demonstration of the 3E Monitor regulatory news alert service.

    • 11:50

      Innovation Trailblazer

      Predictive Solutions – Taking Fake News Out of Prediction

      Nick Bernini, Manager Predictive Analytics at Predictive Solutions

      There are many voices creating fake news about what can be done or more specifically not done with prediction in the EHS space. In this trailblazing session, you will see what Predictive Solutions has been doing with Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence for the last 10 years in safety. Prediction is here and it works!

      Innovation Trailblazer

      Red-on-line – Integrated Global HSE Compliance & Risk Management

      Linda Spaulding, Country Manager for the USA and Canada at Red-on-line

      As the EHS space becomes more and more complex, global EHS leaders are looking for innovative solutions to tacking their Legal, Human and Environmental challenges and enrich their performance efficiencies. Being a frontrunner in steering innovation in the EHS space, Red-on-line developed a unique integrated offer combining Content, Software, and Consultancy to overcome every aspect of the EHS compliance challenges. Join me to discover how our unique integrated offer helped EHS professionals around the world to keep up with their regulatory requirements and optimize EHS performance management.

    • 12:10


      Sponsored by: Dakota Software

    • 1:15

      Analyst Teach In: The 15 Minute Business Case For EHS Software

      Speaker: Trevor Bronson, Senior Analyst at Verdantix

      Securing additional funds for a new EHS software platform or simply getting money for a major upgrade of an existing application can become a frustrating, time-consuming process for corporate EHS teams. Often it takes 2 or 3 years before finance and IT come on board. This analyst teach-in, will provide you with a step-by-step process to navigate the capital requisition process, calculate financial benefits, flag up EHS performance benefits and emphasize compliance risks to CFOs who are bombarded by competing pitches for investment. Attendees will receive a copy of the Verdantix report “Mastering The Business Case For EHS Software” and an Excel template to calculate the ROI of your project.

    • 1:30

      Panel: Competing For Capital: How To Secure Funding For Your EHS Technology Project

      David Metcalfe, CEO at Verdantix
      Mike Easley, Vice President at Sphera
      Sam McEwen, Global Environmental Manager at Halliburton
      Reg Shiverick, President at Dakota Software
      J R VanOrder, Digital Solutions Global Practice Leader at Golder

      Learn from four experts who have successfully shaped investment plans for EHS IT projects and build a winning coalition internally to get sign-off for the project. If you’re seeking investment you’ll learn what needs to be done to persuade the finance and IT teams to support your bid and get insight into how corporate processes for capital requisition typically work. The panellists will explain how you can partner with both software vendors and consultants who will help deliver the project to draw on their knowledge of other successfully-funded EHS projects.

    • 2:15

      Round Table Discussions: Best Practices For Funding EHS Innovation

      Delegates Conduct Small Group Discussions

      Building on the panel discussion, delegates share practical tips for securing funding for different types of EHS projects. Discussions will be framed by a worksheet which covers: new EHS software investments; EHS software upgrades; bulk purchases of intrinsically safe devices; integration between different EHS applications; pilot projects of wearable technology/smart PPE; health and safety learning management systems.

    • 3:00

      Networking Break

      Sponsored by: Golder

    • 3:30

      Panel: Which Digital Tools Add Value For Health & Safety Capability Building?

      Stuart Neumann, Director of Advisory Services at Verdantix
      Michael Hagerty, Global Director of Safety and Health at Ramboll Environment and Health
      Donavan Hornsby, Vice President & Corporate Strategy Executive at Gensuite
      Kristin Peterson, Corporate Compliance Director at Kinder Morgan

      Training, learning and development have increasingly moved from instructor-led, classroom formats to digital formats delivered on learning management systems. Whilst online OSHA courses, micro-learning snippets and video content have been widely adopted do these techniques adequately build health and safety capability? Will tools such as augmented reality visors which deliver context-specific information during the performance of tasks get over the hurdle of cost and usability? This expert panel will share their experiences with new approaches to health and safety training and suggest where EHS directors should focus their time for maximum engagement of frontline workers.

    • 4:15

      Panel: New Directions For EHS Analysis, Insights & Reporting

      David Metcalfe, CEO at Verdantix
      Mark Jaine, President and CEO at Intelex
      Alan Kilgore, Project Safety and Health at Southern Company
      Chuck Pettinger, Process Change Leader at Predictive Solutions
      Randy Waskul, Global Director, Health, Safety and Environment at Birla Carbon

      Whilst there are still firms trying to achieve a basic level of EHS compliance, the majority of EHS leaders in firms with revenues above $1 billion have their sights set on enhancing ISO-certified management systems and boosting overall EHS performance. The most advanced are seeking ways to add value to the business not just enhance EHS indicators. This expert panel will discuss what analytical techniques are generating the best insights and share their views on where data and technology need to be improved in the future. Does EHS really need ‘big data’ or should the focus be on applying proven analytical techniques to existing data sets?

    • 5:00

      Day Two Wrap Up

      Speaker: David Metcalfe, CEO at Verdantix
    • 6:00

      Cocktail Reception & Pre-Dinner Welcome

    • 7:00

      Gala Dinner & VIP Keynote

      Nigel Packham, Associate Director, Safety and Mission Assurance at NASA

      Human spaceflight is inherently risky, and certainly not “safe”. The better standard that is used by NASA and other high risk organizations is to ask the question, “Is it Safe Enough”. There will always be risk in such endeavours. The challenge is to identify and manage that risk so that the remaining, or residual risk is acceptable. This presentation will focus on the management of risk in several non-aerospace fields and compare the various methodologies to that used in Human Space Flight.

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    • 7:45

      Registration and Refreshments

    • 8:30

      Welcome & Overview

      Speaker: David Metcalfe, CEO at Verdantix
    • 8:45

      Keynote: Extending The Horizons: Integrated Risk Management As Key To Achieving Operational Excellence

      Paul Marushka, President and Chief Executive Officer at Sphera

      As every professional managing a portfolio of risks is well aware, the value of a robust Integrated Risk Management system cannot be underestimated. Risk Management solutions can help companies keep their workers safe, their products sustainable and their operations productive. But what happens when the C-suite or Board of Directors requires justification? Do you have the information you need to communicate the value of your risk management solutions and future investments?

      In this keynote, Paul Marushka, Sphera’s President and CEO, will offer expert advice on how you can answer these tough questions and get the buy-in you need to achieve Operational Excellence.

    • 9:15

      Panel: Empowering Frontline Workers With Collaborative Safety Technology

      David Metcalfe, CEO at Verdantix
      Matt Airhart, President at VelocityEHS Canada
      Courtney Hall, Supervisor, Management Systems at ONEOK
      Tod Rubin, Sensors and Analytics Program Manager for Health/Environment/Safety (HES) at Chevron

      Since 2000, most EHS technology strategies have been designed as top-down initiatives to improve the ability of the corporate centre to collect data from operational sites thereby achieving compliance with regulations, policies and procedures. In the last two years, cloud and mobile technologies have created an opportunity for EHS leaders to empower frontline workers to keep themselves safe in real-time. Fifty-seven per cent of EHS functions now use mobile apps for incident and audit. Rather than relying on plant operators and truck drivers to report historical incidents, technology can mitigate risks in the moment. This expert panel will discuss the feasibility of moving to an ‘in the moment’ approach to safety and risk management.

    • 10:00

      Networking Break

      Sponsored by: Golder

    • 10:30

      Best Practices Workshop

      Sphera - Solving The Leading Indicator vs Lagging Indicator Conundrum

      David Klocek, Director Solutions Consulting at Sphera
      Kim Knotts, Director, Industrial Safety, Americas at Arkema

      Lagging indicators such as the Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) have been in use for decades and serve as a standard metric to measure safety performance. But as these lagging indicators have trended downwards at firms with a strong safety culture, it has become evident that looking at historic incidents, accidents and near misses will not enable future improvements. This best practices workshop, led by Sphera Solutions and one of their customers, explains how to get started with a leading indicators project and provides advice on what data, analysis and expert resources are required.

    • 11:15

      Innovation Trailblazer

      Arcadis – Reimagine the SHE Experience – How Digital Technologies are Transforming the SHE Information Lifecycle

      Prasoon Sinha, Director of Digital and Analytics Solutions at Arcadis

      Prasoon Sinha as the North American Director of Digital and Analytics leads Arcadis’ Digital integration initiative. His team is responsible for identifying advanced technologies that add value to business outcomes for our clients. Prasoon will present on data collection and analytics technologies that are enhancing the SHE experience for the SHE professional, their internal clients like operations and external stakeholders. Arcadis understands that SHE leaders are becoming more integrated into their overall company’s value proposition and strategy. These advanced technologies are enabling that engagement and accelerating it. At the close of the presentation Prasoon will discuss case studies and lead a “Digital Engagement” session where participants can experiment with some of the technologies discussed.

      Innovation Trailblazer

      Airsweb – Integrated EHS, Risk And Compliance Software

      Robert Leech, Product Development Director at Airsweb

      Join Airsweb and learn how Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Assistants can increase reporting by simplifying event capture whilst ensuring data governance. Utilising IBM Watson solution and Voice to Text chatbot technology Rob will demonstrate real world innovative ideas that are easily accessible to all, including fringe and non-software users.

    • 11:30

      Best Practices Workshop

      IsoMetrix - PURSUING BRILLIANCE - Benefits and Challenges of a Unified Global EHS and Risk Management Solution

      Kamaljeet Banghu, HSE Management System & Reporting Specialist at DeBeers Canada
      John Castner, Managing Director at IsoMetrix

      Kamaljeet Banghu, HSE Management System & Reporting Specialist for DeBeers Canada (DBCI) will discuss the benefits and challenges of implementing a globally unified EHS and Operational Risk Management solution from Southern Africa to Canada’s Northwest Territories. Join Kam on the DeBeers Group’s journey to a single, unified software solution, from EHS to Operational Risk to Social Sustainability and beyond. And explore how the power of client configurable technology empowers DeBeers to increase ROI and value in technology via the IsoMetrix integrated risk and compliance platform.

      Best Practices Workshop

      UL - More than a Manual: How Talos Learned to Live its Safety Mission

      Jennifer Meister, Global Commercial Director at UL EHS Sustainability
      Robert Sheninger, Vice President, Health, Safety, Environmental and Regulatory Compliance at Talos Energy

      Offshore oil/gas companies utilize a combination of full-time employee and contractors in order to safely explore for, and produce oil/gas safely yet training programs vary greatly amongst companies. There is little standardization among operators and more often than not training that is delivered is average at best. Talos Energy was no different in this regard. As a small company, TALOS Energy relied on its largest contractor the deliver their training on their safe work practices in order to meet governmental regulations. Acknowledging that this was not an effective way to deliver value-added training on Talos-specific HSE expectations our organization partnered with UL to develop an enhance and interactive eLearning experience that could be delivered to anyone from anywhere at no cost. This presentation will chronicle our journey towards creating a unique and customized solution to provide individuals working for us with the information that is critical towards created an engaged and empowered workforce.

    • 12:15


      Sponsored by: Dakota Software

    • 1:15

      Panel: Fixing The Complex Contractor Safety Challenge

      Stuart Neumann, Director of Advisory Services at Verdantix
      Kal Johnson, Director HSSE at Cameron LNG
      Joe Schloesser, Director of Research and Development at ISN
      Robert Sheninger, Vice President – HSE & Regulatory Compliance at Talos Energy
      Brian Wedemeyer, Vice President of Environmental, Health and Safety at Partner Industrial

      The ‘new normal’ for oil and gas prices has caused petro-chemical firms to shed permanent staff to align costs with expected revenues. Losing the tacit knowledge of safe operations held in the brains of long-term employees and at the same time bringing in hundreds of contractors creates a broad array of risks. This is especially true when contractors are expected to be fully productive from day one. This panel discusses the end-to-end risk identification and mitigation process required to ensure contractors, employees and operations stay safe in the new business context.

    • 2:00

      Roundtable Discussions: Best Practices For Reducing Contractor-Related Risks

      Delegates Conduct Small Group Discussions

      Building on the panel discussion, delegates share practical tips for reducing contractor-related risks. Discussions will be framed by a worksheet which covers: pre-selection risk management; training; communicating policies; liability; reporting; software access.

    • 2:40

      Networking Break

      Sponsored by: Golder

    • 3:00

      Panel: Getting Your EHS IT Assets To Work Together: Secret Sauce Or Unfixable Problem?

      Mark Weitner, Senior Advisor at Verdantix
      Riad Efendi, HSES Manager at TechnipFMC
      Marti Ibanez, Sr. Program Manager at SAI Global
      Kim Knotts, Director, Industrial Safety, Americas at Arkema
      Mike Zamis, Chief Product Officer at Sphera

      The Verdantix annual survey of 382 EHS decision-makers found that 81% of respondents prefer to invest in an EHS software platform which covers all of their workflows. However, in most large enterprises, legacy applications and ongoing acquisitions of other firms means that having a single software platform is not an achievable goal. Skunkworks projects with form building software for mobile dervices further complicate the EHS IT system landscape. This panel will share their expert view on how to you can get your disparate EHS IT assets to work together by investing in only those integration projects which add tangible value.

    • 3:45

      Panel: Transforming Operational Risk Management With Digitized Processes

      David Metcalfe, CEO at Verdantix
      Gary Aucoin, Manager, Safety and Sustainability at Statoil
      Paul Espenan, Vice President of Environmental, Health & Safety at Linn Energy
      Thelma Kipe, Vice President Sales at Rolls-Royce
      David Selsky, VP North American Environment, Health, and Safety at Direct Energy

      An increasing number of EHS leaders are jointly tackling safety and risk with operational leaders. The digitization of operational risk management spans a broad range of activities such as process safety, fleet safety, unloading containers at a port or protecting lone workers. Digital tools cover permit-to-work, barrier management, shift management, safeguards and MOC. This expert panel will share their view on current best practices and predict how operational risk management will evolve in the future.

    • 4:30

      Day Three Wrap Up

    • 4:45

      Customer Workshop: EHS Software Vendor Selection

      Trevor Bronson, Senior Analyst at Verdantix
      Malavika Tohani, Principal Analyst at Verdantix

      This workshop will help EHS decision-makers to speed up the vendor selection process, minimize the risk of making a bad decision and avoid paying over the odds. Based on our benchmark of the 20 most prominent vendors and numerous best practice reports, the Verdantix analyst team will provide attendees with a step-by-step guide from setting the vision and strategy to structuring the RFP and product demo process. We’ll also share insights from the diverse vendor selection projects we have worked on to highlight potential pitfalls to avoid.

    • 5:45

      Summit Close

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Renaissance Concourse Atlanta Airport Hotel

Renaissance Concourse Atlanta Hotel,
One Hartsfield Centre Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30354

The eighth Verdantix EHS summit will be hosted at the Renaissance Concourse Atlanta Airport Hotel is conveniently situated next to Atlanta airport. Surround yourself with stylish comforts or visit the variety of popular destinations including the Georgia International Convention Center and Clayton State University. Active travelers can maintain their exercise regimen at our 24-hour fitness center and two pools. Awake refreshed when reserving accommodations at Renaissance Concourse Atlanta Airport Hotel.



Verdantix EHS Innovation Awards: Porsche Heritage Center Atlanta

The annual Verdantix EHS Innovation Awards ceremony will take place in the Heritage Center of the Porsche Experience Center Atlanta where attendees will have the opportunity to experience a drive in a high-end Porsche sports car round the demonstration track. For more information about the Verdantix EHS Innovation Awards visit the awards page.

Network with senior EHS leaders

Meet with more than 125 senior EHS corporate decision-makers over two days to accelerate sales cycles and generate new business. Arrange one on one meetings and demonstrate your solutions.

Enhance your partner ecosystem

Strengthen and expand partnerships and alliances by meeting with more than 50 EHS information management executives across the full spectrum of environment, safety, product compliance and sustainability apps.

Increase brand awareness

Improve brand preference with a highly qualified target audience through a booth in the main networking area, inclusion in pre- and post-event marketing, and signage at the event. 

Guarantee access to the summit

With a limited number of delegate passes available for suppliers to attend the summit, sponsoring the event is the only way to guarantee passes for you and your team to attend. 

Connect with your target customers with presentations

Whether it is giving live product demonstrations to a captive audience in best practices workshops or presenting your perspective to corporate buyers on the main stage, the summit gives you the platform you need.

Shape industry thinking by influencing the summit agenda

The Verdantix event team works tirelessly to engage with sponsors and incorporate your priority messages into our pre-event marketing as well as at the event itself.

To find out more about the sponsor opportunities still available please contact:

Natasha Lane
Phone: +44 (0)203 371 6779
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